VITO’s Inverter Welders are available in four models with different powers and welding currents ranging from (4.3 kVA / 20-150A), (4.9 kVA/ 20 - 170A), (6.8 kVA/ 20-200A) and (7.8kVA /20-250A).
  • INVERTER technology;
  • 2 Types welding: MMA/ LIFT TIG;
  • Digital display allows you to adjust the power according to the electrode to be applied and the thickness of the workpiece;
  • Ventilation system and thermal protection;

Ref. VII200B


Technical Specifications

detailed Description

These appliances feature Inverter Technology making them more efficient, since the current value is kept longer and without oscillations.Two welding methods are allowed: MMA or LIFT TIG, suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminium, iron or steel. The inverter welders havea digital display allowing the user to adjust the power according to the thickness of the workpiece or the electrode to be used.In addition, they have a ventilation system and thermal protection, thus protecting the equipment.These lightweight and compact inverter welders also have an aluminium handle and a shoulder strap providing a safe transport.

package Content

  • > MMA - Use of electrodes (manual process)
  • > LIFT TIG - Use of tungsten electrodes and an inert gas.
  • > HOT START - Makes welding easier due to the opening of the arc between the electrode and the workpiece.
  • > ARC FORCE - Forces the arc between the electrode and the workpiece. Helps to finish welding without stopping or sticking
  • the electrode.
  • > ANTI STICK - Allows you to remove electrodes that stick to the workpiece without damaging them by over-current.
  • > VRD - Voltage Reduction Device. Allows the user to touch the electrodes without any danger until the welding operation
  • is completed.